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The e-mark is an electronic mobile marking device to create and change own imprints by using an app on a mobile device or PC and print them by an easy sideways movement.

How does it work?

  • Connect your mobile device (smartphone, tablet or laptop) with the e-mark via Wifi or through USB with your PC respectively
  • Create own or use predefined templates
  • Send the imprint to the e-mark... and slide

The e-mark generates its own WIFI network, through which it connects to your mobile device (such as a smartphone or tablet). Imprints are transferred quickly and can be marked immediately

The inbuilt quick-charging Li-ion battery (11.1 V) allows use of the e-mark for several hours (4.5 hours continuous marking) without power supply. It can be fully charged within 2.75 hours (0 - 100 %).

Connect the e-mark with your computer via a Micro-USB cable.
Note that charging can only be done with the power cable.

Accessplus Communications Ltd is the Authorised Representative for emark in Ghana and Nigeria and is marketed and distributed by Firstline Computer Services
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